Skype prayer happens every morning except for Sunday at 8 A.M. Eastern time.  There are several different hosts.  Skype church is at 2 PM Eastern on Mondays and the host is Paulette. The best way to do this is to give Donnie's email address. He is kind of the one who is in charge of it. His email address is
God bless you.

When people are in Crisis, its a hard thing because it feels like everything stops.  I know people have both internet prayer meetings and phone conference prayer meetings.  I want to list as many as I can on this site so when people are in need, they can come to "THE FLAME OF HOPE" and find the help that they need.  If you have a phone or internet prayer Ministry, please send it to my contact and I will post it on this page.
Study the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the evidence of speaking in tongues.

that study is every Thursday night at 7PM Central time(which is 8PM Eastern time).
The number is: 1 (213) 406-8520
The access code is: 364-4831

If you can't get out to go to Church, you can attend
Agape Love Fellowship by phone.
Services are;
Sunday afternoon at 3 PM Eastern
Wednesday evenings at 7 PM Eastern. 
The number is 712-432-1680
The code to enter is 969728.