In my younger years I thought having Cerebral Palsy was all I ever had to deal with.  As a kid I did art using a typewriter.  my unique art made the paper and even a few art museums.  But at age 21 when I got my communication device that could be programmed to sing, it forever changed my life.  My becoming a singer was a deep answer to prayer and I thank God every day.

I was not ready for the ride that my music would take me on.  Even while I was recording my first CD, it got leaked out and I got nominated for some music award before any of my music was released.  I have always turned stuff like that down because I feel it magnifies my disability rather than my work.  I look past my disability, but society doesn't.  If I had been nominated after my music was released, things would have been different and I would have accepted.

These days I'm dealing with chronic Leukemia, neuropathy, and reoccurring infections.  Being I nearly died twice from infections, I'm trying to make each day count which at times is not easy.  I just was not prepared for old age.  I truly thought that because I have Cerebral Palsy, I wouldn't have to deal with other health issues.  So I'm learning to cope with the new me.

I'll probably be doing music till the day I die.  Right now it's 2017, and I'm working on an album called "Thrive".  If I didn't have Jesus in my life I would never be able to keep going.  So this album will help people press on.  I'm real excited because I have never done a joyful album before.   I'm doing the album with a guy named Scott Last.  I found him on the internet and although his time is short, he's willing to do what he can.  My friend Blake Roberts will be sharing some stuff as well.

I'm hoping to do a few more speaking engagements.  I'm going to try doing it under a scholarship so most of my expenses will be covered.  But even so, I still need small items like a new suit and some dress clothes.  So I'm hoping people who visit my site will help by donating.

I'm part of the 1st generation of disabled children to get an equal education.  Throughout my adult life I have done countless speaking engagements in different parts of the Country.  Before an infection gets the best of me, I'm hoping to speak at one last conference to both inform and inspire the next generation.  I have met my goals of being a writer, poet, artist, speaker, comedian, and singer.  If I can do all that, I can sure inspire others to not only dream, but to press on and make their dreams come true.