Don't give up if you think you can't do something,
Just find another way of doing the task.
And if you are fighting a losing battle,
Do some research and use a different strategy.
If you have a dream that seems impossible,
Find assistance and the right technology.
And if the people around you don't agree with your expectations,
Surround yourself with friends who encourage you.
For there is no mountain that can't be climbed.
There are no lakes or rivers that can't be crossed.
There are no valleys too deep to get out of.
Nothing can ever stop you if you have peace, hope, and love.
And if God is for you, who or what can be against you?
No weapon formed against you shall ever prosper.
No bad plot will knock you and keep you down.
There is nothing stronger than your will deep inside you!
So today and each and every day,
Stand strong.
For you are an overccomer!
By Snoopi Botten